We all need more online impact!

And we need to learn how more quickly than ever!

Having an impact - and keeping people's attention - is even more challenging online than it is live. That's why I am launching my new training: REMOTE IMPACT. It looks at the exact skills, structures and methods you and your team need to host virtual events so you can have the impact you need. Oh, and it does so really quickly!

Do you need this training?

Yes, if you tick one (or even more!) of these questions

  • You need to move your training online

  • You need to make your online presentations better than they are, to sell more, do more, have more impact

  • Your competitors are online and doing better than you are

  • You need to do it FAST

What do you get?

... and how fast do you get it?

Check out the Curriculum below. If you put your head down, you can do it in a long morning of hard work... but DON'T FORGET that as well as a hugely impactful course, I'll be sending you exercises by email too, to really embed all of this in your day to day practice! ALSO... there's an exclusive option for to get 45 minutes of online one to one coaching for only £45
Watch Intro Video

Video - why do you need to present online?10110

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start at the very beginning

  • 2

    Does it have to be you?

  • 3

    Structuring and Preparing your presentation

    • The presentation design process

    • Start with Why and using your Colon - structure part two!

    • Structures for sales presentations (even if you're selling your idea, not pushing a product for money!)

    • Designing slides to work online

    • PARC your presentations - a tool for thinking about how you design your presentations

    • What should I include in my presentation part one - the curse of the expert

    • What should I include in my presentation part two - will it make the boat go faster?

    • Timing - how long should your online presentation or video be?

  • 4

    Looking cool and sounding great

    • Using your voice to be better - and an (unhelpful) note on microphones

    • How to sit - or stand

    • What to wear when you're presenting online

  • 5

    Handling the Nerves

    • An introduction to nerves

    • A few very simple tools - starting with "Ties and Flies"

    • Another simple tool - you Peripheral Vision

    • Anchoring - one of the most powerful of all the tools

    • Using how you stand

    • Being Mindful of your presentations - online or otherwise

    • Being excited, not anxious

    • Using your muscles - not posing for the camera! ;)

    • Breathe your cares away!

    • A few revision videos (Yes, online videos! Of me! :) )

    • Wrapping up nerves

  • 6

    Time for a break: check out some of the other stuff online

    • Time for a break: some online stuff is great...

    • .... and some online stuff is awful!

  • 7

    Live vs Online

    • How to make your presentations more online-friendly

    • Some online GOTCHAs!

Get going

The sooner you start, the sooner you can get moving...

Watch Intro Video

Video - do you need any equipment for the course??


  • How long will it take me?

    If you blitz it you can do the course in a looooong half-day. It's better to split it into two, half-days though. And we'll email exercises to act as revision/extra material in addition.

  • How many lessons and things?

    There are 31 modules, which include five audios; some PDFs to download in addition; and over 30 videos.

  • What equipment do I need?

    A computer/device of some kind that runs a decent web browser... and a WiFi. A pen and paper are strongly recommended, too - as is a supply of tea or coffee. If you watch the videos around other people you should have headphones on too! :)

  • Is there any time with Simon in this?

    Not automatically. You can get face time with Simon by going to presentationgenius.10to8.com but this course is designed to be a stand-alone product. The aim is to help as many people as possible as quickly as possible. If you go to the 10to8 page, there's a special offer for getting 45 minutes for only £45!

  • Why is this so cheap?

    Because I want to help and I wanted to help quickly. When I asked for feedback on the price that was suitable for this course the options tended to be around £550... but I couldn't look myself in the eye if I'd done that! So.... less than £8 a lesson it is!

Get going!

The sooner you start the sooner you can have more impact